Animal Chiropractic Services

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation

A Spinal Accelerometer is used to locate areas of the animal’s nervous system that has fallen out of communication, and helps to re-establish normal nerve communication and thus induces healing.
A high velocity short amplitude  mechanical pulse delivered into the spinal segment will quickly restore neurological reflex in all quadrupeds.
Multiple passes are often required to restore the neurological reflexes in the spine.
There is no pain involved, so no anesthesia is needed.

Veterinary Myofascial Release

A Vetrostim is a hand held device that rapidly pulses up to 14 times per second that is placed between the vertebral segments  to reduce adhesions between the fascial plains of the tissue.
It helps return normal tone to the muscles, enhances healing and recovery times, re-establishes range of motion and posture and strengthens and rehabilitates atrophied muscles.
Many of the animals relax during this part of the treatment as it feels like a soothing massage.

Low Level Laser Therapy
(AKA) Cold Laser

An Erchonia PL-5 low level laser also known as Cold Laser  is used  in the treatment to improve healing at the cellular level.
The reduction of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) is a major effect of the laser light. It has been proven that the light at the proper wavelength repairs mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA), used to support and direct maintenance and metabolism in the cell.
This is used to help lock in the treatments and reduce the number of overall treatments needed.

Heart Sound Recorder

The Heart Sound Recorder is a safe non-invasive monitoring test that takes about 10-20 minutes (depending on cooperation). 

We can look at how the heart valves are performing and see if there are any abnormal changes in activity. 

If there are abnormal changes we can support the heart with whole food and glandulars and in many cases we can return normal rhythm, rate and tone to the heart.