We love receiving chiropractic adjustments. It keeps us healthy and happy !!!

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Seeing the chiropractor helps me grow up strong and pain free
Chiropractic makes me feel purrfect !!!

What are the main types of animals do you treat with chiropractic?

Canine dog animal chiropractic
feline cat animal chiropractic
Equine horse animal chiropractic




Animal chiropractic can be safely performed on all of our furry friends,
they are treated in collaboration with local veterinarians

In addition to Dogs, Cats and Horses,  Birds and Rodents are also treated on occasion
Dr. Gary has been a human chiropractor for over 20 years
and an animal chiropractor for the past 12 years.  

Working alongside local veterinarians at their clinics performing animal
adjustments to the spine and extremities, myofascial release (massage), 
low level laser therapy (3LT) and  applied clinical nutrition

If you would like more information about all the animal conditions our services can provide please check out the videos below

  1. Horse Equine Chiropractic adjustment
    Chiropractic Care For Animals?
    “What I never heard of that before, but now that I think about it, it makes total sense”. That is the response I hear so often. Animals have spines and a nervous system too. But in reality, chiropractic by definition is the manipulation of the spine in humans.
  2. Dog Canine Chiropractic adjustment
    Safe And Effective Treatments
    The animals' spine is adjusted in a neutral position with a spinal accelerometer using a safe gentle controlled force. Traditional chiropractic is slow in comparison and requires maneuvers that can be potentially harmful for both the animal and the practitioner. Dr. Gary's rule is the animal doesn't get hurt so Dr. Gary doesn't get hurt.
  3. Cat Feline Chiropractic arthrostim adjusting
    Do The Animals Need To Be Restrained?
    Many people think that cats would be hard to give a chiropractic adjustment to. In reality they love to be adjusted and quite often will just lay there enjoying the adjustment and the myofascial release (massage)
  4. Chiropractic and cold laser therapy
    High Tech Equipment Speeds Healing
    Following a chiropractic adjustment, Low Level Laser Therapy (3LT) helps speed the recovery time and lessen the number of chiropractic treatments needed

Veterinary Hospitals That Offer Dr. Gary's Animal Chiropractic Services
If your veterinarian is not listed here please contact Dr. Gary

Other Animal Services that Dr. Gary Endorses